Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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A season wrap-up, a plea for pics, and well-wishes...
by posted 11/09/2020

Team Gators,

We made it! As I said on Saturday, thanks again for the privilege of coaching your boys over this past season.


As you begin the mourning process of regaining your Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Saturdays/Sundays (😉), a few final thoughts...


First, sincere thanks for all the kind words, cards, and generous gifts that I somehow collated on Saturday. I’m new enough at this to say with integrity that they were as completely unexpected as they were unnecessary, but I appreciate each one of them. Thank you.


Second, and per the forecast on our first day together, we had three primary goals heading into this season:

1) To stay safe during these unprecedented times (by God’s grace, check!).

2) To have a team full of boys anxious to play again next season/year (I sure hope so).

3) To learn the fundamentals of the game and get a little better along the way (for sure!).


If these metrics are any indicator, I'm certainly chalking up the season as primarily a success.


If we missed anything of consequence, it was a team photo! 🤦🏼‍♂️. My bad. I meant to rally the boys for a few quick shots game after game and never managed to do so. Thus, I have a simple request. If you've captured any moments that your family would be willing to share (yes, Mrs. Geist - I’m looking at you - 🙂), please add them to the shared Dropbox folder that I’ve just created here (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ozpuct4x5ohbqx5/AAD0gWqggIYt_3pSKDoF_AHQa?dl=0).


Finally, and as they say, stay positive and test negative over these winter months and I certainly hope to see your families again in the days and years ahead. Be well...


Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500

e. jessedkellner@gmail.com

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This morning’s game, uniform return, and plaques!
by posted 11/07/2020

Team Gators,

Good morning and happy (final) game day. It's been a pleasure to coach your boys throughout the season and I'm sincerely hoping that our Davidsonville 2013s are able to build on the momentum that we've created next season.

Three quick things:

1) Please arrive by 8:10am to allow the boys a little time to warm up. For fair warning, this minor surgery has me in way worse (!) shape than I anticipated so Coach Sam has graciously offered to hold it down this morning. I plan to limp to the sidelines but only time will tell if I can pull that off.

2) If you bring some clothes for your son after the game (or suit him up in an under layer), I'm happy to collect dirty uniforms immediately after the game, wash them for the club, and return your checks from my bag (presuming that I can put my hands on them - 😬). The "Fight Cancer" socks are yours to keepThis should save you and I both an extra trip later this coming week.

3) While there won't be much pomp and circumstance associated with such this year, I do have a personalized plaque for each boy that will serve as the template for all future Davidsonville sporting participation and success. Please carve out an extra 5 or 10 minutes after the game to trade your son's uniform for it.

See you all at the field shortly...

Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500


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Practices tonight/Thursday and one last game on Saturday!
by posted 11/03/2020

Team Gators,

Thanks to all for a great season thus far. Though we've surely taken our lumps along the way, the boys have also shown some growth and development. Let's finish well together.

We have practice tonight (make sure to vote before or immediately after!) and Thursday from 5:30-6:50pm. Though I'll see everyone tonight, I've got a minor surgery on Thursday so Coach Sam has graciously offered to handle that practice (thanks Sam!). As long as I can handle the pain, expect to see me (gingerly) back on the sidelines for our game on Saturday.

Speaking of which, we've gotten away from timliness as the season's continued so may I make a humble request? Let's be sure to have the full squad at the field by 8:10am on Saturday for our last game (which is conveniently at home!). With a tough match ahead of us and increasingly chilly temps, it would be good to give the boys a chance to warm up a little before the game. (I was under the impression that we would be playing the other Davidsonville team but I was mistaken.)

Under normal circumstances, I'd be campaigning for an end-of-year shindig to celebrate the season. Given the continuing spike in COVID-19 cases, I'm thinking we'd be best to defer to next year. Any major objections? I will have placques for each of the boys on Saturday so please be present if capturing that moment is important to you.

As always, feel free to call, text, or email with any questions. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you on tonight/Saturday...

Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500

e. jessedkellner@gmail.com

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