Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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Change Team: 
Kicking off the season with this weekend’s “mini-games”!
by posted 09/11/2021

Here we go!

Good morning, Team Gators.

A few quick notes and reminders before we set sail together later today:

1) Please have your sons dressed and ready to roll/on the field no later than 15 minutes before game time. Depending on the league/county's tolerance amidst an ever-changing COVID landscape, we may make this 20 or 30 minutes before gametime at some point in the near future. Bottom line: we're not in Kansas anymore. As the boys get older and we advance into more competitive leagues, I need a little focused time with the squad before games to get them loose and in the right headspace. The pulling up at the scheduled kickoff time with cleats in hand era has come and gone. Thank you parents (sincerely) for your help to flip this switch. I know we all want to field a fun and competitive product. This habit will go a long way in helping us do so. (Additionally, and as previously communicated, I expect every player at every game/practice, on time, unless you've alerted me of a pending late arrival or absence in advance. As I'm sure you appreciate, team sports aren't just teaching our sons sports - they're teaching them life skills. No cutting corners.)

2) The club provides a jersey top and matching jersey shorts. Black socks are much preferred (!) and readily available anywhere sports equipment is sold.

3) You should have received your son's uniform from Samantha Archibong who's graciously volunteered to help me manage the various and essential non-coaching duties (thanks so much, Sam!). If you haven't received your son's uniform, please be certain to bring an $80 check to exchange for it today. No check, no uniform - club rule!

4) I know many of you also expressed a willingness to help so, if I may be so bold, please coordinate with Sam directly to help share the load for gameday snacks, paperwork collection, and other team-related tasks.

5) Please be certain that you bring a signed copy of the "Youth Player Contract" if you haven't given one to Sam already. This document is absolutely essential for league compliance and Sam and I will have to deliver a .pdf bundle of these forms imminently to our club commissioner.

6) Find this weekend's game schedule as an attached image. In case it fails us, all games are at Davidsonville Park, 1 and 2:30pm today/3 and 5pm tomorrow.

7) Lastly, and while I assure you there won't be a parent or player on the field more interested in competing well than I, I'm committed to leading a class operation on both the field and the sidelines. While I've gotten to know many of you well over recent years and deeply value these friendships, please know that I won't be shy to protect our team or players, opposing players/parents, referees, or otherwise from poor sportsmanship or bad behavior. I invite each of you to come alongside me for this cause. Let's hold one another mutually accountable to model the type of behavior, speech, and attitudes that we want our children to adopt. Some good (and bad!) examples of such can be found here - https://www.soccerparenting.com/are-our-children-performing-or-learning/?fbclid=IwAR3VbIFsd5tBmOMPLl8K5wymeVBVVIR9Iaph1iHSgOJcJRQUQFYhStamQnw

As always, I'm readily accessible via email, text, or a quick call. Find my contact info once again below.

Have I missed anything?

See you all on the pitch today!


Coach Jesse


c. 410.693.8500


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Kicking Off DAA's Fall '21 Boys U09 Season!
by posted 08/28/2021

DAA Gators

Good morning, Team. My name is Coach Jesse and it's my privilege to welcome you to Davidsonville Athletic Association's Fall '21 Boys County U09 program. I'm thrilled that your son (and family!) have joined us on the squad.

First, some congratulations are in order! For the first time in your son's soccer career here at DAA, the evaluations over the past two weeks (in combination with your son's past performance) have led to a roster of what two outside coaches determined are our club's 12 most competitive boys in this age group. While DAA is going to field two other 2013 boys teams with plenty of talent and potential, your son should feel very proud of his accomplishment. And I, for one, am excited to see how this team's shared aptitude will propel each player to new heights.

In case it's not already on your radar, we have our first practice this Tuesday, August 31st, 5:30pm at Davidsonville Park - Field E2 (3042 Patuxent River Rd. Davidsonville, MD 21035). Practice each Tuesday and Thursday will start promptly at 5:30pm and end at 6:50pm sharp. I know 5:30pm is awful close to the end of the work day so thanks for your committed efforts to have your son on the field and ready to go at 5:30pm. Also, please be certain that your sons arrive with the appropriate equipment (cleats, shinguards, water, etc.).

To set a clear expectation for the season and to assure our boys the very best team sports experience in these formative years, let's agree together that each player will participate in every practice/game unless you’ve alerted me otherwise in advance. This will allow me to plan and execute the best possible practices for the team and assure we are prepared on gameday. I'm sure you can imagine how different a practice/game would be with seven participants instead of twelve.

Lastly, administration isn't exactly my wheelhouse. This timely email will be the most "together" I'll be all year. :o). So... if there are parents interested in coming alongside me to help coach or, in an area of particular need, help administrate - exchanging checks for uniforms, collecting forms/paperwork, coordinating gameday snacks (if allowed again???), etc. - I would warmly welcome your assistance. Pleaes reach out to me directly.

In the event that you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach me here, via email at  , or via phone/text at 410.693.8500. I'm committed to providing a fun, team-building, competitive, and instructional environment for our boys and welcome any input along the way.

Looking forward to a great season together and meeting (or reconnecting with!) your son/family on Tuesday. Until then...

Coach Jesse Kellner
c. 410.693.8500

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