Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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SMLL Spring Registration Information





New This Year:

Majors Division to Play 50/70:  SMLL is excited to announce that the Majors division will play 50'/70' baseball in 2019.  This division is called "Intermediate" by Little League and is an 11-13 year old division.  The transition to 50' pitching mounds and 70' bases, allowing baserunner leads, aligns SMLL with our fall program that plays 50'/70' at 12u.  What's more, the age range of this division permits our 13 year old players that are not ready for the immense jump to the Major League sized field to have another year to develop their skills.

Juniors Uniform Cost Reduction:  To reduce the costs to our families, players at the Juniors level (13u+) will buy their uniforms and be able to resuse them in the following years, saving the uniform costs.  Players returning from last years Juniors program (13u+) can reuse their uniforms if they still fit and are in good playing condition.  Players new to the Juniors level will purchase their uniforms this year and be able to reuse them in future years.

Assessments:  With the addition of the 11-13 year old 50/70 division, SMLL will assess players that are 13 to determine if they are ready for the Juniors level or if they should particpate in the Majors division.  Likewise, 11 year olds will be assessed to determine if they are ready for the jump to 50/70 baseball or if they could use another year at 46'/60' to develop.  Like last year, the assessment of all 9 year olds to determine if they are ready for competitive kid pitch will continue.  



Uniform:  Registration for SMLL spring baseball includes the uniform at all age levels. 

For Machine Pitch, Minors, and Majors Divisions: Pants, jersey, and hats, and belt (if pants have belt loops) are provided.  The jerseys are rented from SMLL to reduce costs to the league and will be returned at season's end, 

For Juniors divisions:  Uniforms are resused at this level - those players that have played Juniors in previous years and still have a uniform that fits and is in good condition do not need to purchase a uniform again this year.  If a player does not have a uniform, they will receive a jersey, hat, belt, and pants at an additional cost to registration.  

For T Ball and Coach Pitch Divsions:  A hat and shirt are provided.   

Baseball Equipment: Players are expected to provide their own helmet, bat, and glove.  If a family has financial difficulty providing this equipment, please contact SMLL.  Many families are happy to donate their used equipment from previous years and would gladly see their lightly worn equipment go to good use.  All players in Majors division and lower must use rubber/plastic cleats.  The use of metal cleats are typically permitted at the Juniors level - but please check with your coach about the league rules concerning cleats.  

Catching Equipment:  Catching equipment, including mitt, will be provided by SMLL up to the Majors divison.  SMLL highly recommends that players interested in catching at the age of 10 and up (second year in Minors) should purchase a catcher’s set.  A set typically runs $150-$200 but will last your player the 3 remaining years of Minors and Majors baseball.   A personal set will allow you to adjust the set to properly fit your player.  Fitting a player with shared catching gear in between innings is practically impossible.   

Helmets:  SMLL does not recommend sharing batting helmets for obvious health safety concerns.  However, it is expected that all levels of play use helmets.  Batting with a helmet needs to feel natural to players and the introduction of the helmet early is critical to this development.  For any parent of younger players, if you attend a practice for older players, you will see those players wearing their helmets when practicing off of the T (yes, players hit off a T as practice all the way through the Major Leagues !!!).  Little League rules do dictate that helmets have a reasonable finish coat, helmets that are excessively “shiny” in the sunlight may be deemed ineligible by an umpire.  


Majors/Minors/Machine Pitch:   All bats in 2018 for Majors/Minors/Machine Pitch MUST have the USA Basbeball symbol stamped on the bat, identifying that bat has met the standards above and is eligible for Little Leauge.  Bats without that symbol at these divisions are INELIGLE for use.  This bat standard was adopted by almost all baseball leagues to begin in January of 2018.

Juniors:  The leagues vary that SMLL enters - some use BBCOR and some use USA BATS.  Please check with your coach once placed in your Juniors league. 

T Ball and Coach Pitch: Bats must have bat lengths of 26" or shorter to be used in Little League T Ball and Coach Pitch.  Your bat does not need to have the USA Baseball stamp if 26" or shorter. 

If you are not certain if your bat is legal, please google Little League International to find a wealth of information on the subject or email the President at baseball@daagators.org or go to http://www.littleleague.org/learn/equipment/baseballbatinfo.htm

Gloves:  SMLL recommends that each player transition to standard 11” or 12” infielder glove by Minors baseball.  Use of “kid” gloves isn’t appropriate at Minors baseball and beyond.  Parents can judge when that transition is best based on the player’s size and development in Machine Pitch. 

Shoes:  SMLL highly recommends baseball cleats for the Machine Pitch divisions and higher, though tennis shoes will suffice.  Cleats for Majors and below must be molded cleats. Juniors division is allowed to wear metal cleats. While Little League International does permit metal cleats for those playing on the 50/70 Intermediate division, SMLL has decided to NOT permit metal cleats at the 50/70 Intermediate division for player safety, because our Fall league does not permit metal cleats, and our intent to play district, states, and beyond at the Majors (46/60 field) for this age group.

For Coach Pitch and T Ball, tennis shoes are recommended.


SMLL Division Age Determination:

Little League International uses the school calendar year to determine a player's age.  For example, if your child is in second grade and born between 9/1/2009 and 8/31/2010, the player is considered “8” years old, even though the player may not be 8 during the spring season, which ends in June.

In previous years, Little League grandfathered players in the older system that used 5/1 as the cutoff date for ages.  That grandfathering ended after the 2018 spring season and now ALL age groups use the school calendar year to determine a player's age.  

SMLL has set its division ages to give each player 2 years at the competitive LL divisions of Minors and Majors.  This policy will also align with our district and state little leagues, who we compete against in All Stars and Interleague competition. 

SMLL Division Ages for 2019 are:

Sept 1, 2013 – Aug 31, 2015: T Ball

Sept 1, 2012 – Aug 31, 2014:  Coach Pitch

Sept 1, 2010 – Aug 31, 2012: Machine Pitch

Sept 1, 2008 – Aug 31, 2010: Minors

Sept 1, 2006 – Aug 31, 2008: Majors

Sept 1, 2004 – Aug 31, 2006: Juniors Travel/14u

Sept 1, 2003 - Aug 31, 2006: Juniors LL/15u

“9 year old” and “11 year old” players may be introduced to the competitive LL divisions earlier than the past players using the 5/1 cutoff date.  At assessments, SMLL representatives will evaluate these players and with parent input and consensus, determine if the players should play in their assigned division or in a lower division for another year of development.

"13 year old" players now have the option of playing in the Majors division since SMLL is converting to the Little League 50/70 division standard.  At assessments, SMLL representatives will evalaute these players and with parent input and consensus, determine if the player is ready for the 90' baseball field or if a year of development at the larger 70' field would be best for the player. 

SMLL 2019 Fees:

SMLL has worked diligently to keep costs to a minimum.  We are proud that fees have not been increased for the past 3 years, but unfortunately need to raise fees to absorb the increasing ground maintenance costs.  Each division will have a $10 to $25 increase accordingly.    

SMLL will offer early bird discount for Machine Pitch to Juniors baseball.  T Ball and Coach Pitch fees are too low to offer any discounts.   

The early bird discount is primarily intended to reward our returning SMLL families that know they will be participating in SMLL and sign up early in registration.