Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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The Board of South Maryland Little League would like to outline a series of protocol measures that we intend to follow during the fall season. First and foremost, we intend to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Governor, Anne Arundel Parks & Recreation, and local health officials when it comes to public gatherings, organized youth sports, and sporting events. Your child’s health and safety are always our number one priority, even under normal circumstances. We are currently adapting to the present landscape, and have agreed as a board to implement the following protocols for the fall baseball season:

  • Players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use.
  • During games, no more than two (2) coaches will be present in a dugout. This will allow enough coaches to supervise kids, while also limiting the number of bodies.
  • All individuals should measure their body temperature to ensure that no fever is present prior to participating or attending each activity.
  • No handshakes/personal contact celebrations.
  • Players and families should vacate the field as soon as reasonably possible after the conclusion of their game to minimize unnecessary contact.
  • Their will be no “team snacks” provided post-game, as can be traditional amongst the younger age groups.
  • All players should bring their own personal drinks. Please ensure all drinks are clearly labeled, and adequate liquids are provided so that your player is not searching for drinks from others.
  • No personal equipment will be allowed in the dugout. Player equipment will be spaced accordingly outside the dugout to prevent direct contact.
  • No sharing of equipment! This will be particularly emphasized with catchers.
  • No spitting. Because of this, sunflower seeds are not allowed. 
  • We would ask that spectators are limited, and that there is no regular movement of players from the dugout to visit with family during the game.

We thank you for your understanding and know that your help in enforcing these rules with your players will help ensure a safe and fun season. We are excited to bring baseball back, as we know it will be wonderful for the physical and mental health of all our children.