Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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Update 8/22/2020
Unfortunately, DAA will not be able to move forward with an Outdoor Volleyball Clinic program this fall.  The lack of interest we found in the survey responses coupled with the added challenges of COVID-19 and an outdoor season led to our decision.  This decision was not made lightly and is not what we were hoping for this fall.  We will continue to monitor the AA County page for what may be next for the youth volleyball program.  
If you were interested in fall volleyball, please know that there are some area clubs offering clinics.  Club links can be found on the DAA Volleyball - Club Volleyball page. 
I appreciate all of the patience you have shown during these uncertain times. 
Stay safe,
Becky Baldwin
DAA Commissioner
Volleyball Home 2020 Season - CANCELED
Fee: $130 per player
Late Fee: $15 after August 16, 2020
ClosedREGISTRATION CLOSES ON AUGUST 16, 2020. We are currently planning for 1 team per age group.  If we have additional player interest, coaches, and gym space we will add teams.   
All players that have signed up, even those that are on the "waitlist", should attend our Kick Off meeting in early September at the South River High School gym. Date and time will be announced as soon as possible. 
Players- come ready to play.
Parents- we'll talk for about 10-15 minutes then we'll attempt to form 5 teams and get measured for uniforms. You're welcome to stay or you can come back at the end.
*If you are not able to attend and you still want to play we must get a jersey size from you. You CANNOT play without a jersey.**
Age Groups
DAA offers Volleyball to Girls and Boys in the following age groups: 10U, 12U and 14U.
10U is for ages 9 and 10 (4 & 5 grades) 
10 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2010
12U is for ages 11 and 12 (6 & 7 grades)
12 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2008
14U is for ages 13 and 14 (8 & 9 grades)
14 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2006
DAA has gone to a single vendor supplying uniforms.
All players will be required to wear the new jerseys. The jersey is covered under the registration fee.
Shorts or spandex are not covered and players will have to get their own. All shorts or spandex must be BLACK. 
TBD - We are always looking for coaches.  If you are interested, please email baldwin.becky@gmail.com
Commissioner - Becky Baldwin ( )
TBD - typically 1 1/2 - 2 hours, between Mon. - Thurs. and 6-9pm
Proposed Practice Times (this may change based on coaches availability)
**There are a few "blackout" dates at both schools based school activities. See below for other important dates.
Practices do not occur if schools are closed or a night school activity at the gym scheduled for your practice. The dates are as follows:
Back-to-School Nights: DES: TBD       SRHS: TBD
Fall Concerts:                DES: TBD       SRHS: TBD
Natural Disasters: If you have any connections, please be forthcoming!!  This entry was put on here when the Annapolis area experienced an earthquake.
Rule of Thumb: If schools are closed due to scheduled and unforeseen events, there is no practice.
Matches usually begin second Sunday in September and the season runs until the end of October. Matches are played on Sundays. Each team plays one match per week. Matches usually last one hour and are played between 9am and 5pm.
All matches are played at local public schools on Sundays. A complete schedule should be available in early September.
The games are scheduled by the County. When they are completed, you can follow this link Game Schedules You should check periodically for any updates.
For more information, please send an e-mail to .
Commissioner - Becky Baldwin (baldwin.becky@gmail.com)