Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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"Teaching Life-Lessons Through Football"

Gators Football Guiding Principles:
  • Make Football Fun 
This is the primary objective. Regardless of whether it’s a game or practice, football at the youth level should always be fun
  • Make Football Safe
Create a safe, healthy environment on the field for our athletes to compete and excel.
  • Foster a Team Environment
We want to instill confidence in every player and make them feel as though they are part of the team. Youth football players enjoy football when they have fun, feel they contribute, and experience an improvement in their overall skills
  • Emphasize Fundamentals
Learning the fundamentals and perfecting the same basics at every level of play is essential to having any chance of success. If one player does not execute the fundamentals of his position correctly, the most sophisticated scheme in the world will not work. Youth football programs that focus on complex plays over executing fundamentals are cheating every player out of the chance to learn the game properly.
  • Coach Every Player
Regardless of skill level; we will coach to teach every player on the team. If youth football players experience improvement in their skills, no matter what their athletic ability may be, they will continue to participate and return to learn more.
  • Provide Encouragement
Keep it positive. We will not tolerate negative comments from players, parents, coaches or coaching staff. Youth football players know when they make mistakes. They don’t need that mistake compounded by negative feedback and comments. What they do need is feedback on how to correct the mistake supported by positive encouragement.
  • Instill a Winning Attitude
Create an environment that promotes competition,and focuses on instilling a Winning Attitude instead of focusing on actual Wins & Losses.

Gators Football "U"nlimited Guidelines to Parents:

We are pleased to inform you that you son has been selected to the 11U/12U/13U Gators football team within the Davidsonville Athletic Association (DAA).  As you may be aware, the unlimited weight classes in the Anne Arundel Youth Football Association (AAYFA) are considered to be SELECT teams whereby all member organizations in the AAFYA field their most competitive teams.  In order to remain competitive in the AAYFA, Gators will maintain the following expectations with the parents and players:

  • Coaches will develop players to the best of their ability.

  • Coaches will engage in positive reinforcement and create a fun atmosphere for the players.

  • Coaches will be fair in creating opportunities for the players to play, however,

  • Playing time will be EARNED by the players NOT granted by the coaches.

  • Players will be committed to the team sport, encourage other players and respect the coaches on the field.

  • Parents will respect the coaches decisions regarding personnel.  (However, if there are issues that need to be addressed, parents are encouraged to speak to the coaches before or after practices.)

In order for the 2015 season to be successful for everyone involved, it is imperative that the players, parents and coaches are in complete alignment with regard to common expectations.  The primary goals for the unlimited weight classes are to field competitive teams and having fun doing it.  Your child has selected to be on this unlimited weight class team because he exhibits a skill-level commensurate with the competitive nature of the entire AAFYA landscape.  Now it’s up to him to earn his playing time and make his mark on this sport.


DAA has a long history of providing a character rich environment to cultivate football players and prepare them for the high school level and beyond.  We look forward to 2015 with great enthusiasm and trust you share our philosophy.  If you have any concerns please feel free to talk to any of the coaches as we encourage open communications between coaches and parents.