Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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General Questions

  1. Where do my registration fees go?
    • Registration fees go to cover expenses such as league fees, insurance, DAA administrative fees, field maintenance, DAA Park and to cover the costs of equipment.  For Select Travel teams, additional fees are required to cover expenses such as tournament fees, travel expenses, professional training and other incidental expenses.  Each travel team is different, so you should talk to your coach or team representative for a more detailed list of these expenses.
  2. I’m not comfortable coaching, how else can I help?
    • We are always looking for volunteers and there are many ways to help out other than coaching.  We need help with administration duties, field maintenance, equipment distribution, team managers, team moms, and much more. Contact us at for more information on how to volunteer.
  3. I would like to Coach but have never done it before. How do I get started?
    • We have a new Coaching Development program within Davidsonville soccer. This person can get you all the resources you need to get started along with offering mentoring, coaches training and certification classes. Our web site will be equipped with a “coach’s corner” that you can use to gather the information and resources you will need to begin coaching.
  4. Do I really need an original birth certificate?  How can I obtain one?
    • Yes, DAA does require an original birth certificate in order to prove the actual birth date of all registered players in all sports. Once a birth certificate has been verified by a sport’s commissioner for any sport, that commissioner will lock the child’s birth date into the system and you will not be asked to provide it again for DAA.  Soccer will provide a couple dates in which you can show your child’s birth certificate to one of our administrative staff.
    • However, for travel soccer, the birth certificate must also be submitted during the carding process (which is separate from DAA’s requirement) It will be returned upon completion of the process.  Information on how to obtain an original birth certificate is available at http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm.

Youth Development

  1. What is Dutch Soccer?
    • The Dutch originated the format and determined that they could play soccer on a full field broken down into many smaller games between 4 players at a time.  Replicating these small sided games allowed players to develop much more quickly.  It's now a globally recognized soccer format for developing skills at every age in a quick and fun environment.
  2. What does  4v4 format mean?
    • It refers to the number of players on the field playing each other. 4v4 (4 versus 4) means that 4kids are on the field playing 4 other kids from another team.


  1. When playing county soccer, what is the difference between the different divisions?
    • Divisions are determined by AAYSA and the skill level of each individual team. Division 1 is the most competitive level of County soccer and requires a higher skill level and more commitment than the other divisions. It is considered a stepping stone into Travel Soccer
      • DIVISION 1 is highly competitive, composed of experienced and skilled players. Teams are usually selected by tryout or skill comparisons by the sponsoring Community organization. Coaches are required to play each player on the team at least 25% of the total game time.
      • DIVISION 2 is not as competitive as Division 1, yet participants are skilled and experienced. Coaches are required to play each player on the team at least 50% of the total game time.
      • DIVISION 3+ is designed for recreational players and should be less competitive in nature. Most teams are fielded by random assignment of players rather than by a grading process. Coaches are required to play each player on the team at least 50% of the total game time.
  2. Who will evaluate my child to determine skill level and team placement?
    • An age group coordinator (usually one of the coaches) from your child’s age group will run the evaluation process with the assistance of other qualified and licensed coaches and evaluators.  The objective is to provide an evaluation process that is fair and impartial.  Since each age group varies in size and number of teams, this process can be different for each age group.
  3. Can my child play in a different age group?
    • Your child can not play down to a lower age group but you can request that your child play up by one age group.  This request should be made at the time of the registration process. The request will be considered but there is no guarantee that the request will be honored.  Requests to move up more than one age group are discouraged and generally not honored for the safety of the participants.

Travel (Select)

  1. I missed the Travel tryout registration deadline?  Can my child still tryout?
    • There will be paper registration forms at tryouts so you can sign up on the day of the tryout but you will then be asked to go home and sign up online as well.  We use an automated online system to send out e-mails of any last minute changes due to weather and other emergencies and those will only be received to those that are signed up online.  Online registration is also linked to the acceptance and payment process so online registration is required before a child can be accepted to a team.  The acceptance process goes much smoother if the player’s information is already in our online system. 
  2. If my child qualified for a travel team in the fall, do they have to tryout again in the spring?
    • Official tryouts are only held for the fall season.  Select teams remain the same in the spring, however, at the coach’s discretion, there may be additional tryouts in the spring in order to add to the official roster or replace lost players.