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Home and Away Uniforms

DAA Brick Capital Campaign 
The DAA Capital Brick campaign is now ready to accept orders.  Please click on the link to learn more.  You can now buy a brick engraved with names to be inserted into the walkway between the snack-shack and the Game Field/ Field A. 
       "Teaching Life-Lessons Through Football"
Gators 2014 Master Schedule (Under Construction)

Registration Fee 70-80LB $135
Registration Fee 90, 100, 11U, 12U  $165
Registration Fee Varsity (13U) $185 (Players keep jersey with name on it.)
Flag Football Registration fee: $105
3RD Family Registration fee waived for the lowest age group


Gators Football will be sponsoring football memberships for the less fortunate for the upcoming 2014 football season. If you would like to sponsor an athlete for the upcoming season please contact the football staff (info below).

Game jerseys & game pants will be distributed prior to the first games. A $250 deposit is required for the game jersey, game pants, helmet, and shoulder pads which will be returned when the equipment is handed in at the end of the season.
All players are required by the county to have the following:
Shoulder pads
Helmet *
Colored Mouth guard with strap to attach to helmet *
Players are required to provide their own practice pants and practice jersey.
Optional: Rib pads & Athletic cup.

* Gators Football will supply the equipment noted with asterisks.  There will be a $250 security deposit required for all borrowed equipment.


*Please note the NEW "TACKLE-TO-TACKLE" RULE BEING IMPLEMENTED IN AAYFA IN 2013.  Players who fall within their age group may weigh up to 10lbs more than the stated weight class PROVIDED they play in a down-linemen position (also known as between the tackles).  This will allow the younger but heavier players to remain with their age groups and play with their peers.

*70lb and under -  Ages 6 -7
- *Tackle-to-Tackle rule limit allows for up to 80lbs at this age limit.
Players must turn 6 before 12/31/2014
Any player turning 8 before 12/31/2014 is NOT eligible to play.
Game Requirement:  1/2 Game

*80lb and under - Ages 8 & Under
- *Tackle-to-Tackle rule limit allows for up to 90lbs at this age limit.
Boys born between 9/1/2005 and 12/31/2006 are eligible to play.
Game Requirement:  10 Plays

*90lb and under  Ages 9 & Under
- *Tackle-to-Tackle rule limit allows for up to 100lbs at this age limit.
Boys born between 9/1/2004 and 8/31/2005 are eligible to play. 
Game Requirement:  10 Plays

*100lb and under  Ages 10 & Under
-*Tackle-to-Tackle rule limit allows for up to 110lbs at this age limit.
Boys born between 9/1/2003 and 8/31/2004 are eligible to play.
Game Requirement:  10 Plays

11U  Ages 11 & Under 
Unlimited weight
Boys born between 9/1/2002 and 8/31/2003 are eligible to play.
Game Requirement:  8 Plays

12U  Ages 12 & Under 
Unlimited weight
Boys born between 9/1/2001 and 8/31/2002 are eligible to play.
Game Requirement:  8 Plays

Varsity "U"  Ages 11  - 14
Unlimited weight
Boys born between 1/1/2000 and 8/31/2001 are eligible to play.
Player can be 14 by 12/31/2014 and must still be in Middle School.
Game Requirement:  8 Plays

*  Weight-limited football teams (70, 80, 90, 100) as shown above allow for a heavier, but younger player to play within their age group using the Tackle-to-Tackle allowance which allows for an additional 10lbs of weight.  This will require the heavier but younger player to be restricted to playing "between the tackles" on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.
Gators Football will field Division III Teams as Roster size dictates at each Age Group. These teams will NOT be eligible for Post Season Playoffs.

We are always looking for Volunteers to help the program run smoothly. It is a wonderful way to meet people and have fun at the same time. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:
Team Parents
Field Maintenance
Picture Helpers
Plaque and Bar Help
Punt, Pass and Kick Coordinator

If you can help in any of these or other areas, please let us know. If you have any questions, please contact the Commissioner or Staff
Commissioner                   John Mandish, 202.306.7486 
Assistant Commissioner   Rich Froble, 443.994.9214
Weighted Coordinator      Ted Purnell,    703-582.4877
Unlimited Coordinator      Dave Schwartz,  240.375.0477
Flag Commissioner               OPEN
NFL Punt/Pass/Kick Coordinator Marty Vermillion, 443.827.7819

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