Davidsonville Athletic Association is a non-profit organization administered by a volunteer board whose mission is to promote, encourage, direct and operate athletic programs for the children and youth of the Davidsonville area, Anne Arundel County.

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Last call for your son’s championship trophy…
by posted 07/03/2021

The Remnant…

Team Gators,

Happy July 4th weekend! We trust that each of your summers are off to an excellent start.

Looks like we have four champion's trophies still on our front porch. If you've yet to claim your son's, you have until Sunday, July 11th to do so (as immediately thereafter they'll be trash bound). If coming outside of business hours, thanks for shooting a quick text so we can be expecting you.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the fall and, until then...

Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500


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Today’s game and festivities to follow!
by posted 06/06/2021

Good morning.


Last game of the year - let’s finish on a high note with one final win. 12pm at Davidsonville Park, Field G. Also, it’s gonna be a hot one! Thanks for assuring your son has plenty to drink for the game and lots of sunblock as it’ll be a long day outside.


Speaking of which, a handful of last-minute thoughts related to our end-of-season celebration which will immediately follow the game at our place:


1) Don’t be discouraged by the heat. While it’s gonna be hot, we’ll be pulling out the redneck slip and slide for the kiddos. Make sure your crew has their bathing suits.


2) Related, if the option exists, I’d recommend maximum coverage (swim shirts for the boys/one pieces and shorts for the girls). I’m not sure how/if our attempt at this slip and slide may get a smidge abrasive/gritty (slip and grip?) when dirt inevitably gets tracked onto it. I’m trying to save any potential road rash or burns if the mat gets too hot in the sun.


3) For you adults, and if you have one, please bring your favorite bag/camp chair. We have seating, but maybe not for the full +/- 50 who’ll be in attendance. Speaking of which, while we’ll be outside, we have plenty of shade and outdoor fans (effectively a 1,500sf. covered entertainment venue - codename: garage). Don’t be discouraged by the heat. It’ll be plenty comfortable in the shade. We’ll also have your pick of the NBA playoffs or French Open on the big screen.


4) Speaking of headcount, thanks for assuring that whatever you’re bringing to share is enough to feed that army. AKA, if you’re bringing a side, you’ll need a batch substantially larger (think exponentially larger) than your family would eat on any given afternoon! Thanks for helping us assure that no one leaves hungry.


5) We’ll be giving out plaques (for those that don’t already have one) and bars for this season (for those who do). Don’t miss your son’s moment in the spotlight when they’re distributed.


6) Please make sure that your son’s uniform makes it to our place. You’re more than welcome to peel it off of them here. I expect it’ll be gross (like my son’s!), but you’ll make our lives way easier to bring it to the party as-is versus requiring additional coordination to exchange it for your deposit check another time.


7) Thanks for helping us keep an eye on the full swarm of children this afternoon. As you’ll see, our property is “under construction” and not exactly the country club lawn. While the kids stand to have a great time together, there’s always plenty of ways someone could get hurt. Your help monitoring the pack’s collective safety will be much appreciated.


Lastly, and once again, you can find us at:

160 Farmwood Lane

Harwood, MD 20776


Our address just got changed to 160 Farmwood Lane, but many maps aren’t yet current (aka, your car’s GPS will never find it!).


Either Waze or Google Maps will bring you right up our .7 mile driveway and to our log cabin's front door. Park anywhere that you like - just don’t get yourself stuck!


And, from a COVID-19 standpoint, the adults in our family are fully vaccinated as I know are many of you. Apart from access to a restroom inside, the party will be entirely outside, hand sanitizer will be provided, and we’ll try to be generally mindful. You and/or your children are more than welcome to wear a mask if that would like.


Phew. I think that’s everything. Looking forward to a great game today and the chance to celebrate our sons’ shared accomplishment together this afternoon. Until then…


Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500


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It's Gameday!
by posted 04/16/2021

Davidsonville Athletic Association Gators

Team Gators,

Good morning. This will be the only gameday reminder that you receive this season so please forgive me for using it for a few quick reminders:

1) Our first game is today, Saturday (4/17), 2:30pm at Riva Park, Field B1 at 3600 Riva Rd, Davidsonville, MD 21035 vs. Bowie FC 2014B - Red.

2) During the continuing pandemic, the county has asked that teams not arrive to the field too early. That said, each player must be at the field, in uniform, and game ready no later than 15 minutes before each game. For those of you with your calculators in hand, that's on the field no later than 2:15pm today, game ready!

3) "Game ready" means - our team uniform jersey tucked into our team uniform shorts, black (please) knee high soccer socks, shinguards properly worn underneath, and soccer cleats laced and tied tight.

4) Parents, be reminded that our primary goal is to love and support these boys and a good chunk of such is modeling the type of adults that we want them to grow up to be. This includes how we cheer (positive reenforcement), how we address the referrees (with gratitude if at all), opposing players/parents, etc. Davidsonville's reputation is nothing but class. Let's agree to keep it that way.

5) Masks will be required for all spectators. I can't coach the team and police the parents so thanks for your help complying without request. Here is the policy directly from the county -

● Masks are required in all areas except when on the field of play;
o Masks are not required for players and officials while on the field of play, but are
● Masks are required by all volunteers and spectators not on the playing field. A
representative from each team will be asked to ensure Social Distancing and Return to
Play Guidelines are followed.

6) While I'm doing my very best to teach and train the boys well, I assure you that there will be some hair-raising moments today as our team gains its bearings. We've had zero (0) full field scrimmages thus far and a number of the boys have never been on an organized team or even seen a game of organized soccer played. Be reminded that the squad is 7 and 8 years old with much to learn. We'll surely get better along the way, but be prepared for some memorable moments today!

Let's have a great season! Looking forward to seeing you and your families later this afternoon and, until then...

Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500


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Today's Game is CANCELLED (and PAPERWORK!)
by posted 04/11/2021

Updated Game Schedule...

Team Gators,

Good morning. I received notification just after 9am that today's game has been cancelled (presumably due to field conditions though no explanation was provided?). I presume that you all received this same notice?

Regardless, let this serve as further evidence for the need to check the game schedule at https://aaysa.teamsportsinfo.com/aaysa-spring-2021/Schedules/Index? every time before getting into your car and driving to the field. Changes seem to be the rule and not the exception. I've posted a screenshot of our schedule as of this morning for your reference above.

Unrelated, thanks for each of your efficiency in getting me checks in exchange for your son's uniform this past week. Our next hurdle (for which the league commissioner and Davidsonville commissioner are both breathing down my throat) is providing a complete paperwork package for our team. As we now have another week before our first game, the commissioners are insisting that no player will be permitted onto the field next weekend if their family has not submitted the following forms:

1) AA County's "Youth Player Contract"

2) AA County's "Volunteer Participation Agreement, Release and Waiver For Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Youth And Adult Sports During 2020 COVID-19 Epidemic"

Both forms should have been emailed to you. If you're feeling extra kind, it would be great if someone printed off a few extra copies to bring to practice on Tuesday and help me wrangle signatures out of any stragglers. Have I mentioned? Administration is not my thing.

We'll see you and your boys for practice on Tuesday, 5:30pm at Davidsonville Park. As always, I'm a call/text away. Enjoy the balance of your weekends...

Coach Jesse

c. 410.693.8500


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Spring '21 Boys U08 Soccer...
by posted 03/22/2021

Davidsonville Athletic Association Gators

Good morning, Team. My name is Coach Jesse and it's my privilege to welcome you to Davidsonville Athletic Association's Spring '21 Boys County U08 program. I'm thrilled that your son (and family!) have joined us on the squad.

In case it's not already on your radar, we have our first practice tomorrow (!), Tuesday, March 23rd, 5:30pm at Davidsonville Park - Field 1 (3042 Patuxent River Rd. Davidsonville, MD 21035). Practice each Tuesday and Thursday will start promptly at 5:30pm and end at 6:50pm sharp. I know 5:30pm is awful close to the end of the work day so thanks for your committed efforts to have your son on the field and ready to go at 5:30pm. Also, please be certain that your sons arrive with the appropriate equipment (cleats, shinguards, water, etc.).

To set a clear expectation for the season and to assure our boys the very best team sports experience in these formative years, let's together agree that each child will participate in every practice/game unless you’ve alerted me otherwise in advance. This will allow me to plan and execute the best possible practices for the team. I'm sure you can imagine how different a practice would be with seven participants instead of twelve.

In the event that you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach me here, via email at jessedkellner@gmail.com, or via phone/text at 410.693.8500. I'm committed to providing a fun, team-building, and instructional environment for our boys and welcome any input along the way.

Looking forward to meeting your son and family tomorrow and, until then...


Coach Jesse Kellner

c. 410.693.8500


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